Program pomocy młodzieży szkolnej płynącej z podatków stanowych w Arizonie

Kongress Polonii Amerykańskiej w Arizonie postanowił zalożyć strone internetowa z lista dzieci mogacych skorzystać z pomocy płynacej z podatkow stanowych przy opłatach za czesne w szkołach prywatnych i w rożnorodnych programach sportowych, muzycznych etc. w szkołach publicznych. Chcemy informacje o tym programie rozreklamować wśród polonii w Arizonie. Zapraszamy do zgłaszania się z pytaniami lub informacjami o dzieciach do Director Of Community Affairs p. Pawła Lach emailowo na lub tel 718-389-2244.

Video z Obchdów 226 Rocznicy Konstytucji 3 Maja

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Phoenix Ballet

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Obchody Konstytucji 3 Maja.

Kongres Polonii Amerykańskiej w Arizonie zaprasza na Akademię 226 rocznicy uchwalenia Konstytucji 3 Maja.

PAC elections 2017

Press release


Polish American Congress of Arizona, Inc. held an election of the officers of the Executive Board on Sunday, April 23, 2017.

The Executive Board elected by the General Membership for a 2 year term 2017-2019


President  Elizabeth Matej-Horchem                     480-837-8283

1st Vice President    Jacek Joniec                             623-428-4739

2nd Vice President    Janusz Jachimek                   602-710-4608

Corresponding Secretary  Barbara Kozuch            623-561-6514

Recording Secretary   Katarzyna Anderson           602-989-1854  

Treasurer Justyna Jonak                                           623-208-0593

Director of Communications  Bozena Orville        480-433-2979

Director of Public Relations    Tomek Niemyjski   602-384-4349

Director of  Community Affairs   Pawel Lach         480-393-0660

National Director       Ewa Grabowski                      602-323-2560

Annual Polish Picnic 2017

Konkurs Historyczny: 12 lutego 2017! Cenne nagrody!

Konkurs Historyczny dotyczący historii Polski dla młodzieży szkolnej w wieku od 13-tu do 17-tu lat.

Oto link do materiału, z którego należy przygotować się do konkursu: polishhistorycontest

Konkurs w języku angielskim!!!
Bardzo atrakcyjne nagrody!!! 
Głowna nagroda: I-Pad air!!!!
Konkurs odbedzie sie w Niedziele, 12 lutego 2017, po Mszy Św. o godzinie 11:00 w Sali Kardynała Hlonda
Prosimy zainteresowanych o przesłanie imienia, nazwiska i danych kontaktowaych na adres: 

Polish History Contest for young adults aged 13-17.

Below is a link to the study guide for the contest: polishhistorycontest
Contest will be in English!
Attractive awards!
1st place award – ipad air

The contest will take place on Sunday, February 12, 2017, after 11:00 Mass.

Please send in your name and contact information to if you would like to participate.  

Stypendium Kongresu Polonii Amerykańskiej w Arizonie

Kongres Polonii Amerykańskiej w Arizonie jest gotowy do przyjęcia wniosków stypendialnych na  rok 2017. Stypendium w wysokości 1500$ zostanie przyznane jednemu wnioskodawcy na mocy decyzji komisji  stypendialnej.

Prosimy o powiadamiania członków Kongresu o tym programie. Zachęćmy młodych ludzi do  aktywnego udziału w pracach Kongresu Polonii Amerykańskiej, aby mogli uzyskać dostęp do stypendium. Inspirujmy swoich przyjaciół i znajomych, aby utworzyć kolejne stypendia dla polskiej młodzieży w Arizonie.

Wnioski o przyznanie stypendium można pobrać tutaj lub na dowolnym zebraniu PAC AZ. Termin składania wniosków: 31 marca 2017. Decyzja o przyznaniu stypendium zostanie ogłoszona w trakcie walnego zgromadzenia PAC AZ w maju 2017.

Prosimy o poinformowanie wszystkich członków o możliwości ubiegania się o nasze stypendium. Wspierajmy polonijną młodzież w ich dążeniach i aspiracjach!

Polish American Congress of Arizona Scholarship

The Polish American Congress of Arizona is ready to accept applications for the Polish American Congress of Arizona scholarship for this year. The scholarship can be awarded to one qualifying applicant in the amount of $1,500 or as determined by the Scholarship Committee.

We encourage you to notify members about the scholarship program and encourage young people to become active members of the Polish American Congress and have access to this scholarship. We also encourage you to inspire your friends and acquaintances to create more scholarships for youths in the Polish community.

Applications for this scholarship can be downloaded here or obtained at any PAC of AZ meeting. The deadline to apply is March 31st and the scholarships will be awarded during the PAC general assembly meeting in May.

Please advise all members of this opportunity. We look forward to assisting young Polish youths in embracing their future.

Polish Heritage Ball 2016

Welcome to the 42nd Annual Polish American Heritage Ball – the fruit of hard work and commitment of past and present Board of Directors, Committees, Presidents and dedicated members of the Arizona chapter of the Polish American Congress. Tonight we come together, one more time, to celebrate the rich history, diverse culture and deep-rooted traditions of the Polish people, spanning over more than ten centuries and building support for a vibrant, enduring Polish American community in Arizona.

For over 400 years Polish settlers have been following a path to freedom, which led them to the United States of America, for some the land of opportunities and for others deliverance from prosecution. Over that period of time, millions of Polish immigrants settled in towns and cities, helping weave the fabric of America. With them they brought their faith, traditions and Polish pride.

Individuals of Polish descent live in all 50 states and participate in every aspect of American life. Bound by a sense of pride and an affinity for their ancestral homeland, they strive to maintain the tradition, culture and language of their forefathers while seamlessly assimilating into American society. Polish pride flourishes especially today, following Polish Independence Day, celebrated on November 11 throughout the country and abroad, to commemorate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland’s sovereignty in 1918, after 123 years of partition by the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Empire.

The Polish American Congress (PAC) – a representative organization of over 10 million Polish Americans across the US, and over 150,000 in Arizona, fosters this national celebration. For nearly seven decades, the Polish American Congress, originally founded in 1944 in Buffalo, NY, has continued to serve the interest of Polish Americans and the people of Poland through two complementary agendas. The Polish agenda, which aims to support and enhance relations between Poland and the United States, and the American agenda, which is geared to unite the Polish American community and to support its members in becoming better informed American citizens.

Within the boundaries of these agendas, the Polish American Congress of Arizona – a local non-profit organization is dedicated to the empowerment of Polish-Americans and Polish immigrants of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds through the creation of cultural awareness, sense of national pride, as well as opportunities to excel scholastically, professionally, and socially. PAC achieves these goals through its support of educational activities, cultural events and developmental opportunities. Moreover, the organization protects the good name of Poland and the Polish American Community by clarifying distortions and rectifying inaccuracies relating to Polish and Polish American history. The PAC closely monitors US policies, supports a bilateral relationship between Poland and the US while coordinating efforts aimed at affecting legislation involving Poland and Polish Americans.

As we gather today, reflecting on the accomplishments of Poles at home and here in America we distinguish a uniting language of traditions and customs, leading us into the future. As Americans, with pride, we take this path and continue to build upon the rich American heritage – as Polonia, we pass on this uniting language onto future generations in hope that it will, in turn, unite them.

Each year, the Polish American Congress of Arizona, selects a theme for the Polish Heritage Ball. This year, aside from celebrating Poland’s independence, regained in 1918, we recognize the 1050th anniversary of Poland’s Baptism. It marks a fundamental point in building a new cultural reality in the young country, one shared by Western European states.

As we remember our roots, we would like to celebrate those who donate their time to help preserve our heritage. This year we would like to present only one Distinguished Service Award. It goes to a man who has become the face of the Polish Community in Arizona. In addition to running an organization called Polish Cultural Events, which ensures that artistic and cultural activities are always part of the Polish social life, he volunteers his time to be the presenter and host of most events in our community.


Distinguished Service Award goes to Mr. Janusz Jachimek for his commitment to the Polish community through his years of outstanding service as a board member and Vice President of the Polish American Congress of Arizona and for his dedication to volunteer work serving many Polish-American organizations and groups.
Going forward, we need the patronage and involvement of all Polish Americans and friends of the Polish community. Only with each other’s support can we thrive and ensure that our history, culture and traditions are not only sustained but also recognized and respected. Your presence at tonight’s event goes a long way towards helping achieve our goals. We thank you for your attendance and sincerely hope you have a wonderful evening.



Ewa Grabowski, Ph.D.

President – Polish American Congress of Arizona




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