September 3, 2011

Ms. Jill Schildhouse
Editor, AAA Arizona Highroads Magazine
3144 North 7th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85013

Re: Highroads Magazine September/October 2011 “We the People”

Dear Ms. Schildhouse,

I am writing to you, on behalf of the Executive Board and general membership of the Arizona Division of the Polish American Congress and the Arizona Polish-American community at large.
It has been called to my attention that the AAA Highroads Magazine September/October 2001 “We the People” article uses the historically erroneous and defamatory terms “Polish concentration camp” in reference to Nazi extermination camps built by the Germans during World War II. Educated journalists should know the facts and not desecrate the memories of six million Jews and two million ethnic Poles who were victims of Nazi Germany crimes. Moreover, we are concerned and very troubled that this type of sloppy journalism confuses the less informed, undereducated and impressionable readers that the Holocaust was executed by Poland rather than Nazi Germany. As a result, we request that you promptly acknowledge and correct the subject inaccuracy and issue a public letter of apology to the Polish American community for your offensive and slanderous misrepresentation. In addition, as a gesture of good faith to restore AAA’s tarnished image in our community, you may consider featuring a Discover Poland article in one of the future issues of Highroads Magazine.
From a journalistic perspective, we encourage you to adopt entries into your stylebook requiring news stories to be historically accurate and use the official name of all “German concentration camps in Nazi-occupied Poland”, as has UNESCO and most major news outlets in America.
As a point of information, the Polish American Congress is the representative organization of over 10 million Polish Americans across the United States…its State Divisions and Chapters represent an aggregate membership of over one million members with a rich and proud heritage.

Henry Rybacki
Polish American Congress
Arizona Division

Mr. Rybacki,
Thank you for taking the time to read Highroads and to share your feedback with me.
I agree that this was an unfortunate oversight and I plan to address it promptly in the next issue of Highroads.
As an educated Jewish editor, I certainly understand your position and send my sincerest apologies to you and your community.
I will include a clarification in the Nov/Dec issue of Highroads, in the Member Forum section.

Thank you,

Jill Schildhouse
AAA Arizona
Highroads magazine


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