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Letter of President Spula to the European Commission

Letter of President Spula to the European Commission:
Dear President Juncker,
In recent weeks there has been much negative publicity and conflicting messages concerning Poland, its government and decision making practices. The recent actions by the European Commission (EC) regarding Poland contributed to the discussions and debate that take place both in Poland as well as outside her borders among the members of Polish communities worldwide, including the United States, where the Polish American diaspora is approximately ten million.

The Polish American Congress, founded in 1944, is the largest Polish American organization. Many of our members closely follow the situation in Poland.
Since the announcement of the discussion on Poland by the European Commission our organization has been inundated with messages expressing great distress among members of our organization and the Polish American community in general. It’s unfortunate that the debate on Poland and associated negative publicity has escalated to this magnitude on an international level causing harm to the good image of Poland.

We understand, the European Commission is concerned about Poland because of political and administrative actions undertaken by the newly-elected Polish President and Parliament. We also understand that Poland agreed to a possibility of such action while signing the documents of accession to the European Union; however, we question if such a strong approach was necessary.

Regrettably, the unprecedented steps by the Commission regarding Poland have provoked a great degree of anxiety and worry that Poland has been singled out for this type of measures. Furthermore, it provides additional arguments for Euro-skeptics. The internal political and social agitation that currently takes place in Poland around EC’s decisions fuels the agendas of those who do not have Poland’s best interest at heart, including one of Poland’s neighbors – Russia.  

Nonetheless, and in response to the great concern among the members of the Polish American community, we urge you, Mr. President, as well as other members of the Commission, to thoroughly and objectively review the facts of the situation in Poland and take under careful consideration all of its aspects including political, legislative and those of a historical, social, and cultural nature.

We are confident that Beata Szydlo, Poland’s Prime Minister, and her staff will be able to resolve matters in question in an amicable and equitable manner.
It is in the best interest of all concerned that Poland remains a politically and economically strong member of the European Union.
I hope this matter gets resolved in the very near future for the benefit of all: Poland, the European community, as well as Polish communities worldwide.

Sincerely yours,
Frank J. Spula,
CC: Mr. Donald Tusk, President of the European Council

Polish American Heritage Ball

We would like to thank all who attended our ball for making it a complete success! We invite you all to attend once again next year and make some new memories for us all to share. Please see the youtube video below to relive some of the great times we had!


Annual Polish Heritage Ball

Szanowni Panstwo, 
Pragniemy serdecznie zaprosic Panstwa na 41-szy Wielki Bal Dziedzictwa Polskiego. Bal jest symbolem polskiej jednosci i dbalosci o nasze wartosci narodowe i kulturowe. Jest tez glownym zrodlem dochodu dla Kongresu Polonii Amerykanskiej, ktory przeznaczany jest w calosci na wsparcie dla organizacji polonijnych, polskich szkol oraz wydarzen kulturalnych i oswiatowych w Arizonie. 
Bal odbedzie sie w sobote, 26-go wrzesnia 2015 o godzinie 6 pm w Phoenician Resort w Scottsdale – 6000 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Cena biletu: $130
Podczas tegorocznego balu bedziemy mieli zaszczyt wreczyc nagrode Dziedzictwa Polskiego Proboszczowi Jackowi Wesolowskiegmu za propagowanie polskosci poprzez dzialalnosc kierownicza w sobotniej szkole polskiej. Pragniemy takze nagrodzic Pana Pawla Lacha oraz Pania Marzene Sroke za wieloletnia dzialalnosc na rzecz Polonii oraz za dzialalnosc w zarzadzie Kongresu Polonii Amerykanskiej. Druga nagrode Dziedzictwa Polskiego wreczymy Rodzinie Rice za szerzenie wiedzy o Polsce poprzez muzyke. 
bilety na bal mozna kupic piszac na adres lub dzwoniac do Ewy Grabowski 602-525-9213 
Ladies and Gentlemen, 
We would like to cordially invite you to celebrate Polish culture and heritage at the 41st Annual Polish Heritage Ball held on September 26th, 2015 at 6 pm at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale – 6000 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Tickets: $130 

Please join us in honoring leaders who have been tirelessly working to support, grow and unite the Polish American community in Arizona. Polish Heritage Awards and Distinguished Service Awards will be given to Father Jacek Wesołowski, Mr. Paweł Lach, Mrs. Marzena Sroka and the Rice Family.

tickets can be purchased by e-mailing your order to or by calling Ewa Grabowski 602-525-9213 

Day of Polonia and Poles Abroad – Dzien Polonii i Polaków za Granicą

Ewa Grabowski represents the West Coast of the United States as part of a four person delegation to Warsaw. Ewa Grabowski has been invited by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Grzegorz Schetyna to a celebration of the first ever annual “Day of Polonia and Poles Abroad” meeting between representatives from around the world and members of the Ministry. The goal of the trip is to establish close ties between Polonia and the Ministry and to have a better understanding of expectations for a future bilateral dialogue.

Polish Picnic 2015 Gallery

Polish Night with the Suns

Polish American Congress Arizona Division invites you to the Polish Night with the Suns – playing vs. Washington Wizards with Marcin Gortat.

Part of the ticket money will go to the Polish American Congress, so please bring as many friends as you can. Tickets are available at: The promo code is POLISH.


Ból i cierpienie – wykład Ks. dr Dariusza Patera

21 Grudnia 2014 odbędzie się wykład prowadzony przez Ks. dr Dariusza Patera na temat “Jak rozmawiać z młodymi o cierpieniu”. Ksiadz Dariusz jest absolwentem Papieskiej Akademii Teologicznej, gdzie ukończył studia magisterskie. Ks. Pater ukończył studia doktoranckie na Uniwersytecie Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie, w zakresie teologii dogmatycznej. Wykład odbędzie się z inicjatywy Kongresu Polonii Amerykańskiej w sali Kardynała Hlonda 21 Grudnia, 2014 w ramach szerszego programu “Komunikacji rodzice-dzieci w rodzinach emigranckich”.ffc6cdd0-2abc-4666-9ccd-deafa901e999

Akademia z okazji Święta Niepodległości



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